What Are Your Lessons Like?

I believe voice lessons should be fun AND challenging, not intimidating or hard to understand.  Every lesson is geared towards the individual students' needs and skill level.  As a teacher, I am purely interested in helping my students achieve their personal goals and success.  

What Do Lessons Cover?

Every lesson is divided into two sections, TECHNIQUE and PERFORMANCE SKILLS.

Lessons begin with 15-30 minutes of warm-up and technique work. I focus on:
  • Posture
  • Relaxation
  • Breath Support
  • Improving Range, Both High And Low
  • Eliminating "Breaks" and
  • Using Vowels To Create A Unified Sound
The second half of the lesson will be working on repertoire and performance skills.  You will learn to:
  • Choose Songs That Fit Your Voice
  • Improve Your Interpretation And Performance Of Songs
  • Help With Stage Fright and
  • Prepare For Auditions
If you are interested in improving your skills to sing in a choir or with another group, I am happy to take time to teach you how to understand and read music.

What Musical Styles Do You Teach?

I understand that not everyone wants to sing classical music.  Though my background is in classical music and I love to use arias and art song to improve the singing voice, I use my teaching skills to help you improve the style of music YOU want to learn and perform.  I don't believe in assigning songs that you have no interest in.  We will work together to choose pieces that you enjoy singing and will help you to make vocal progress.

Do You Take Beginners?

Of course!  Everyone can improve their singing voice.  I work with beginners who have a ton of "natural talent" as well as those who consider themselves tone-deaf.  If you have the desire and are willing to put in the effort, you will become a better singer regardless of the level you begin.

What Can You Offer To Advanced Students?

I am currently completing my Doctorate in Vocal Performance and I have years of study and research in all facets of vocal pedagogy.  I have taught and coached students at both the Undergraduate and Graduate level.  Just like a professional athlete, it is important to have a personal trainer or coach for consistent improvement.

The vocal skills I focus on are the anatomy and physiology of the singing voice, breath support, proper placement, legato singing, diction, the unification of vowels and clear articulation.

When Are You Available?

I teach Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday with availability scattered throughout the day.  If you are looking for a specific lesson time, please contact me for my current availability.

How Much Do Lessons Cost And What Methods Of Payment Do You Take?


Single lesson - $55

One month of lessons (one per week, 4 sessions) - $200

Cash, check, as well as debit/credit cards are excepted as forms of payment.

What Are Your Studio Policies?

1. You are expected to attend your lessons regularly. The 24 hours cancellation policy is strictly enforced. You will have one (1) excused absence per semester, after the schedule has been agreed upon. You are financially responsible for all other scheduled lessons, with or without a completed make-up lesson.

2. Email cancellation to lwilliams.voice@gmail.com or you may also text (602)334-3026 for cancellations. If I have not responded to your message, the lesson IS NOT considered to be cancelled.

3. To obtain a make-up lesson, you must cancel 24-hours in advance.  Arrive at your lesson on time (notify Leah if you will be more than 5 minutes late); it is your paid time. If you are more than 15-minutes late, the lesson is counted as a late cancellation with no make-up lesson given.

4. Cancellation of study in the studio requires a 4 lesson notice. Payment for and/or completion of 4 lessons must be made after notification of intent to quit has been made.

5. Bring ALL current music with you to each lesson and be prepared. There will be times that I ask you to purchase music that will be beneficial to you progress.

6. PRACTICE. Tools are given to you during your lessons. Please use them!

7. We are here to learn better vocal technique and to HAVE FUN! If singing is not enjoyable, the voice will not work correctly, no matter how hard you try. So relax, have fun, and make music. I look forward to working with you!!