Voice Studio

I offer private, one-on-one weekly lessons to students ages 10-up.  I travel to most of my students, but I have a home studio as well.  I accompany my students as much as possible and encourage healthy singing, coupled with a working knowledge of the voice.   Singing is, above all, FUN. If you love it, you can learn it.


My goal is to give my students  tools they can use to improve their vocal technique, so that they can work towards healthy, free and easy production.  I believe my students should be able to sing for a lifetime of enjoyment, so I strive to provide them with a firm foundation of knowledge in how their own voice works.

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  • My students are able to build the techniques that enable them to practice specifically and successfully on their own. 
  • Each student becomes aware of his/her own voice and is able to allow it to be free and develop into the instrument that it was made to be. 
  • Through practice, listening, attention to detail, and individual guidance, my students will realize their vocal abilities.
I travel to most of my lessons, as they take place in the students own home, school or church.  I have found that the convenience of having a teacher that 'comes to you' eliminates many conflicts  in attending a regularly scheduled private lessons.

I also have a home studio, as some of my students prefer this option.

I teach primarily in the classical bel canto style, but I can focus on techniques to benefit the singer also interested in performing in jazz, musical theater, pop and rock styles.


My students are as varied as people can be. Most of my studio is made up of adult students, but I begin accepting students as young as 10 years old and am more than happy to teach anyone who is committed to improving thier singing voice.




$35 per 50-minute lesson or $25 per 30-minutes, only weekly or twice-weekly lessons offered.



Payment is due in full at the LAST lesson of each month for the next month. (i.e. April's lessons are paid for the final lesson in March.) If payment is not received by 2nd lesson of the month, a $35 surcharge will be added to the current month’s invoice, payable immediately.  Both cash and check are excepted as forms of payment.  If you prefer to use a debit or credit card, payment can be made through Paypal after an invoice is sent to you.





In addition to my private studio, I work with choirs to improve breath support and tone production. I also offer group theory and sight reading lessons (enrollment permitting).

1. You are expected to attend your lessons regularly. The 24 hours cancellation policy is strictly enforced. You will have one (1) excused absence per semester, after the schedule has been agreed upon. You are financially responsible for all other scheduled lessons, with or without a completed make-up lesson.

2. Email cancellation to lwilliams.voice@gmail.com or you may also text (520)477-7607 for cancellations. If I have not responded to your message, the lesson IS NOT considered to be cancelled.

3. To obtain a make-up lesson, you must cancel 24-hours in advance.  Arrive at your lesson on time (notify Leah if you will be more than 5 minutes late); it is your paid time. If you are more than 15-minutes late, the lesson is counted as a late cancellation with no make-up lesson given.

4. Cancellation of study in the studio requires a 4 lesson notice. Payment for and/or completion of 4 lessons must be made after notification of intent to quit has been made.

5. Bring ALL current music with you to each lesson and be prepared. There will be times that I ask you to purchase music that will be beneficial to you progress.

6. PRACTICE. Tools are given to you during your lessons. Please use them!

7. We are here to learn better vocal technique and to HAVE FUN! If singing is not enjoyable, the voice will not work correctly, no matter how hard you try. So, relax, have fun, and make music. I look forward to working with you!!