What I Teach

        I offer private, one-on-one weekly lessons to students ages 10-up.  I encourage healthy, easy singing, coupled with a working knowledge of the voice.   Singing is, above all, FUN.  If you love it, you can learn it.

       My goal is to give you the tools you need to improve your singing voice.  Over time, you will learn to sing with more ease, singing the music you want to learn.  The skills I teach enable my students to sing for a lifetime of enjoyment.  I strive to provide them with a firm foundation of knowledge in how their own voice works.

  • My students are able to build the techniques that enable them to practice specifically and successfully on their own. 
  • Each student becomes aware of his/her own voice and is able to allow it to be free and develop into the instrument that it was made to be. 
  • Through practice, listening, attention to detail, and individual guidance, my students will realize their vocal abilities.

  • Every lesson is divided into two sections, TECHNIQUE and PERFORMANCE SKILLS.

    Lessons begin with 15-30 minutes of warm-up and technique work. I focus on:
    • Posture
    • Relaxation
    • Breath Support
    • Improving Range, both the high and the low range
    • Eliminating "Breaks" and
    • Using Vowels To Create A Unified Sound
    The second half of the lesson will be working on repertoire and performance skills.  You will learn to:
    • Choose Songs That Fit Your Voice
    • Improve Your Interpretation And Performance Of Songs
    • Help With Stage Fright and
    • Prepare For Auditions
    If you are interested in improving your skills to sing in a choir or with another group, I am happy to take the time to teach you how to understand and read music.